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Bravo Helicopters is your one-stop-shop for photographic flight:

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   - Variety of aircraft
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At Bravo Helicopters, aerial photography and cinematography are our specialty. We offer all the resources you need to capture spectacular and dazzling still and moving imagery. With our extensive experience, we can help you bring your vision to life! See our gallery below for examples of previous shoots, including scenic city-scapes, fast-placed boat races, real-estate survey, and more...

Variety of aircraft:

Our fleet of aircraft can meet the needs of any shoot:

Bell206 JetRanger- The workhorse of the helicopter industry, this powerful and comfortable ship will get any job done. Equipped with pop-up floats, over-water shots are not a problem; we'll get you on-location just about anywhere! She seats the 4 plus pilot, so bring you crew. This is the "heavy metal" for the big jobs!

Robinson 44- The R-44 is an excellent all-around aircraft; large enough to accommodate a small crew and equipment, yet more economic when budget is a factor.

Robinson R22- Have a one-man job? Don't underestimate the little R-22! She'll get you in location with surprising speed and efficiency, while maximizing your shoot budget.

Camera Mount

Don't worry about renting an expensive camera mount, having it shipped, and dealing with high insurance costs! Bravo Helicopters owns our own state-of-the-art STC-certified middle mount, complete with a K8 gyro and zoom thumbwheel. It's adaptive to any video camera, and at only 52 pounds it weighs in at less than 1/3rd of many competitors’ rigs. Best of all, we can have it 100% installed, ready to go, and in the air in under an hour.


   - K8 gyro can be used with mount installed directly to video or still camera's.
   - Zoom thumbwheel
   - Start/stop button
   - Adaptable to any camera


No need to look in two places for your pilot and your aircraft.
At Bravo Helicopters our pilots are well seasoned and experienced in the art of aerial photography, and can help you achieve the angle you need or the perfect shot !


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